Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Morning Quarterbacks

**I started this post last year after November 14, the day of the Pacquiao vs. Cotto fight. Since then, many things have happened. The Cowboys did win their first playoff game in 13 seasons. The Colts lost to the Saints in Super Bowl XLIV. And, the Saints have not stopped the party. Oh yeah, and Mayweather is not gonna fight The Pacman in Jerry's World.

Friends, Let's see if we can't inspire some good 'ol gridiron talk, complete with Pacquiao thoughts on the butt-whopping he put on another contender, in another weight class...

My first thought after the Patriots lost to the Colts last night -- yes I did stay up for this one! -- was, "WWJD?" I was looking forward to this game as much as I was looking forward to the TCU game. TCU did good on my advertising, as I adorned my home with TCU stuff for all the neighbors to see. The bulldozed the Utes back to Salt Lake without a question, and my neighbors joined the bandwagon.

By the way, for my El Paso paisans, I did good on my roots by wearing my bright orange UTEP pullover during my morning jog. You can't miss that dude. Trust me, my brother has one, too. Well, UTEP did not beat SMU, but instead lost and made the SMU ponies bowl-eligible.

But, back to Belichick and the Pats. Mr. Kraft is not as visual an owner as Jerry is. Well, nobody is, really. But, I wonder what -- if any -- exchange there was between the hooded Belichick and Mr. Kraft back at the clubhouse, when he decided to go for it on 4th down, missing, and giving Manning two minutes to win the game?

"It's OK, Bill, we'll get 'em next time." Maybe that was followed by a pat on the back, a light fist bump (so as not to scratch three Super Bowl rings) and an invitation to the family's estate in some exotic beach. I'm sure the Kraft family has one. They all do.

WWJD? What would Jerry do? A visual: here comes Little Bum, Coach Cupcake, walking down the hall after a similar situation. And, here comes Jerry, flanked by his suited goons, about 50 feet behind him, probably armed and ready to strike at a moments call. Coach Phillips went for it on 4th down at...say...Lincoln Field.

"__________________________________!!" You fill in the blank.

Most of the Western Sports World has already destroyed Belichick on the airwaves. What would YOU have done? What call would you make in that specific situation, remembering Manning scored twice on your defense in minutes?

The Packers shellacked the Cowboys. No arguments. No excuses. And, again, the team which fared the best in the NFC East was the team relaxing on the "bye sofa," the New York Football Giants. The Saints keep marching on, though they play a lowly, dangerous Bucs team at Raymond James next Sunday. And, the Bengals are perfect ATS when they come into a game as dogs. Maybe there is a theory in the works when playing with a chip on your shoulder. Oh, wait, I always preach that! Well, though the fight did go 12 rounds, it should have ended at 10. Cotto keep dancing and dancing. At times The Great Pacman just stood in the middle of the ring, put his arms down and waited. Post-fight, Cotto looked like a man who got stung by 1000 bees in his face. The Pacman showed a bit of evidence he had just gone 12 rounds, but probably karaokeed 'till 3 a.m. like he does after fights in Vegas. Allegedly, the next match will be against the fast-talking Mayweather Jr. at Cowboys Stadium. If Jerry has anything to do with it, it WILL happen and you can bet it will break the record for attendance -- all-time. Put it on your calendar. March. Pacquiao vs. Mayweather Jr.. Cowboys Stadium.