Thursday, October 9, 2008

In The Beginning...

For an age, I've been contemplating a blog.

Many people are curious about my day job as a mortician. Some already know the adventures of living with mostly women, but blogging about it may add to the fun, not to mention ease the stress that lifestyle brings. Also, sports is a big part of my being, especially the Undertaker's Football League (UFL), a league I helped organize and serve as current commissioner.

And, there's that writing thing I keep tinkering with. I always joke that I am a part-time starving writer, 'cause at the moment, if I dived into writing full time, it wouldn't net any noticeable compensation for my family.

I've written some pieces that have attracted attention. Some have been related to sports (my beloved Red Sox, Dallas Cowboys, and the UFL leading the way). Some were pieces that came to me at 3 a.m., whilst serving my fellow man and removing deceased folks from their place of demise to the funeral home (heretofore referred to as "parlor"). See Mr. Foolproof which will be posted later. Also, there are the myriad of tales related to all the women in my life, which start with my wife, daughters, and long of line of women associated with the family. And, finally, there are those stories which have come from making "something out of nothing," which is a direct quote from a high school friend of mine (ring o' wax story to be posted later, too).

We'll see how it goes or where it goes. I do enjoy writing -- very much -- and hope I can entertain, disrupt and/or offer information that may/or may not be useful to you, the reader.

All the best,

Javier E. Najera
The Commish

"It requires very little ability to find fault. That's why there are so many critics."

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