Sunday, December 28, 2008

Movie Stars at the Mall

What we did not expect today was -- literally -- running into heavy duty Disney stardom at the mall. We were only browsing after-Christmas stuff, when at the right second, and with all the planets aligned, we ran into Madison Pettis, who is a -- I'm told by my girls -- very famous already.

I have a very uncanny ability to notice things nobody else does, and it paid off bigtime today. She was walking casually, almost trying to be unnoticed, when I ackwardly told my wife, "Look! That's the girl from The Game Plan!" She gave a shy, but big smile. Her dad was probably not too wild about me trying to stop them and getting their attention, but, alas, we went for it and they obliged.

We know her from that film, The Game Plan. Anyhow, it was a brief moment. She, along with her parents, graciously gave us a couple of minutes to take pictures. Of all times for our girls NOT be with us, that was today.

They would have been so awestruck to be in her presence.

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