Sunday, January 4, 2009

My First Puppy

My girls are fascinated they can read dad's stuff online, and even more, that they could write something which is online. So, I told them they could "guest-blog" here.

One day my sister and I went to my grandmas house.Are aunt was there and she surprised us
by being there. We had not seen her in a while because she is a flight attendant at American
Airlines.She talked to my mother if we can go to her house.She said "Yes."So she drove us there.We got there and we watched "WIZARD OF OZ"Then my parents came with a puppy!!!!!
We were so surprised!!!!!We have wanted one.We named him snowball.This was all a plan. We had know idea.We now had him for 4 months.He is 8 mouths now.We will never forget his little face. My First Puppy!!!!!! :] :] :] :]!!!!!

The Girls

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