Monday, June 29, 2009

Magic Always Happens at the Ballpark

It's never easy to go back to the office after a weekend off. For one, I have too much fun. When 5 p.m. rolls around on Sunday on a weekend off, I am reminded that in a few hours I'll have to go back to the grind.

On this Monday, though, I was the beneficiary of quite a treat. I enjoyed seats 14 rows up from home plate for the beginning of the series against the Angels of Anaheim of Los Angeles of California, or whatever.

The Rangers did not hold up their end of the deal, in spite of back-to-back HRs early. But, just as I was beginning to get distracted, here comes a kid -- and MVP -- walking down the stairs in my section.

Tom Mendonca played third base for the Fresno State Bulldogs in 2008. We saw this man protect that part of the diamond like no other. We saw this guy propel his team to victory and an MVP berth like few others, and here he was prancing down the stairs with souvenirs. He was drafted by the Texas Rangers in the second round, 62nd pick overall in 2009.

My first order of business was securing a Sharpie. I raced to the ushers, beer salesmen -- nothing. To the pro shop. Sharpie? Yes! For $3. Wow, but had to do it. I'll save this Sharpie the rest of my life.

I also secured a $3 folder of some sort for the MVP to sign. So, after buying the most expensive school supplies known to man, I took a shot.

Mendonca was sitting two rows in front of me, right behind home plate. I weaseled my way down and wrote on the most expensive folder I have ever bought:

"Saw you win the CWS in 2008. You were our hero! Welcome to Arlington!"

He turned and gave a big smile. "Thank you, Tom Mendonca," he signed.

No one else in the seats recognized this kid except me. After I reached for his autograph and took his picture, several girls asked, "Who is he?" I told them the story.

I told them he was part of the team who won the CWS as the lowest seeded team in CWS history. I told them he was chosen to play in the USA National Team for the latest Olympics.

Cheers to all true baseball fans and Tom, who I hope will make the roster very soon.

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Awesome story, Commish!