Monday, June 17, 2013

The Case of the Tooth Fairy

**On advise of counsel, and because part of my sentence did include a probationary period to abstain from speaking of this event, I caution you of this:  If the Tooth Fairy still visits your home, please be weary of who reads this story...

 Aytana Najera, plaintiff


Javier E. Najera, defendant

Ordinarily, a Tooth Fairy visit is mostly a private family matter.  It brings joy in the way of money to the loser of the tooth, and memories for parents who see their children grow and mature, unless of course the Tooth Fairy failed to leave the ransom under the pillow.

I was served with a lawsuit from my youngest, Aytana, when such an oversight occurred.  I was accused of usurping the Tooth Fairy on two different counts, 1. By placing the money under the pillow myself to cover for Tooth Fairy, who seemingly had better things to do, or 2. By actually being the Tooth Fairy myself and flat out lying of its existence.

Exhibit A.  Aytana is questioning her first witness, which actually should be the other way around, 'cause if memory serves, Itzayana  was her attorney.  The Honorable Lizbeth Moreno presided, while the court decorum did not mind Antonio wearing shorts.  The doggy?  Well, it is after all family court, and if one can wear shorts to court, then surely a canine spectator is OK.

Yes, mom and grandma were sworn-in witnesses to the case at hand.  Don't mind the casual dress of the court bailiff.

Preparedness was key to this case. 

Judge Lizbeth on the bench.

Straight out of court reporting school.
Evidence presented was very weak on my behalf, and technology was not cooperating. 

Though the judge found in favor of the plaintiff Aytana, mock family court was a lot of fun!

So, you see, on hot summer afternoon in 2010, on the way to the first Rangers pennant, the case of the Tooth Fairy was resolved in the eyes of justice.  

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